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10 Tips to Transform Your New House into a Home

Check out the article below from a guest blog writer - Natalie Jones. Natalie Jones is the creator of She is passionate about making the process of home buying less stressful and scary for first-timers, as well as inspiring homeowners of all stages enjoy the benefits and perks of home ownership!

Moving into a new house is like relocating to a different world, even if you’re just down the street. But it doesn’t have to be. These 10 quick tips can help make your house a home within the first few days.

1. Tackle home security. Even if you’re moving into a safe neighborhood, you’ll sleep better if you take the time to handle home security before your first night. Schedule your alarm hook up and ensure outdoor floodlights, fencing and other security features are operational.

2. Get to know the neighborhood. By closing, you should already have a good idea of the general layout of your subdivision. If not, take a few hours to scout the location of the nearest grocery store, gas station, school, playground and hospital. A walk around the block will also give you the chance to meet the neighbors.

3. Personalize your living space. Nothing says home quite like family photos and treasured belongings. Unpack these items first, along with everything you need to cook a good meal. Dining together is especially important if you have children as time around the dinner table...

Tips for Pet Owners Looking for a New Home

Thank you to our guest blogger, Cindy Aldridge with Dog Friends. You can learn more about Cindy's endeavors at or email her at

Photo via Pixabay

In your mind, your adorable, lively, and affectionate dog, whom you deeply love, is practically a member of the family. Of course, her needs are a priority when you’re scoping out new potential homes to live in. You also worry about making sure she adjusts well to the new home when Moving Day finally arrives.

Here are some guidelines on what to look for in a new home purchase and how to help your pet have a smooth, hassle-free moving day.

Research Local Ordinances

When considering buying a new home in a new neighborhood, find out all you can about local city and county regulations and ordinances regarding pet ownership. You’ll want to know what these are so you can obey them and not incur a stiff penalty fee.

Happily, it’s becoming more and more common for communities to set aside and maintain parks for pets to roam in freely. Call up your local parks and recreation department to find...

For Sale By Owner Pitfalls

Seems easy, right? Just put a sign in the yard and poof the house is sold. Unfortunately the majority of the time that an owner decides to go For Sale By Owner they end up with the property listed with a realtor. 

Trying to sell on your own can end up costing money in the long run. Time is one of the biggest factors in this process. Most sellers have a job, they cannot be available at the times that a buyer wants to look at your home. Buyers want to look at their specific time, not the sellers. What if you want to take a vacation? That takes the house off the market for an extended period. 

Sellers are not trained to prepare all of the paperwork necessary for the sale of their home and once sold, the paperwork trail is seemingly endless. It all takes time.

Most importantly, it takes time to negotiate the contract and then to work with the inspectors, the closing company, to make repairs... again time that a seller can spend doing their own job. 

If you are considering selling your home, contact Team McClintock at (812) 426-9020, we are trained professionals that can help you through the maze! We have the time to take care of your real estate needs. 


Get a Home Inspection

My number one real estate tip for this month is hire a qualified home inspector whether you are the Seller or the Buyer.  Sellers can protect their home investment but spending a few hundred dollars to have an inspector find issues and problems unknown by the seller.  These issues can then be resolved prior to putting the house on the market.  The seller can then either make the repairs or disclose any issues that they are unwilling to repair.  This is particularly important in houses with crawl spaces.  This time of year crawl spaces are great places for mold, mildew and termites!  Buyers should have a whole house inspection, pest inspection and should consider radon and mold inspections as well.  No one wants post closing problems and issues that can be resolved up front.  For more information on real estate, Ask The Expert at (812)426-9020 or visit our website at - Carol


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