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Ask The Expert - July 6, 2018 - Summer Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Southwest Indiana's #1 Real Estate Agent, Carol McClintock joins WFIE Channel 14 News' Midday with Mike host, Mike Blake to discuss home energy saving tips to try during the hot summer months on the Real Estate Ask The Expert segment. 

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Summer Energy Saving Tips

Conserving energy and saving money on utility bills during summer months may be easier than you think. In fact, some of these tips are so simple that you may be tempted to use them all year long. Here are some summer energy saving tips for you and your clients:

  • Serve refreshing no-cook suppers several nights a week instead of hot meals. In addition to conserving energy use, your kitchen will stay cooler without added heat from cooking appliances. Some menu ideas that don’t require a stove, oven or microwave include salads, fruit plates, sandwiches and cold summer soups such as gazpacho.
  • Take advantage of warm, dry weather and save electricity by line drying your clothes outside. Your dryer will get a break and your clothes and linens will smell fresh and wonderful.
  • Install solar powered exterior lighting. These lights harness their power from sunlight and don’t require electricity.   
  • Do some research and find out how much water your grass type and landscape plants actually need to avoid overwatering. You’ll conserve water, save money and avoid harming your turf and landscaping with too much moisture. To see how much water your grass and plants are actually getting from rain or from an automatic irrigation system, set small, shallow dishes around your lawn. During hot weather, it’s best to water early in the morning when evaporation rates are lowest. It’s also a good idea to mulch around plants to help minimize evaporation and lock moisture in.
  • Plant trees that provide shade to your home. Talk to your local nursery for advice on fast-growing trees that will thrive in your area.
  • Ceiling fans can help you stay cool and reduce air conditioning expenses.  You...

10 Tips to Transform Your New House into a Home

Check out the article below from a guest blog writer - Natalie Jones. Natalie Jones is the creator of http://homeownerbliss.info/. She is passionate about making the process of home buying less stressful and scary for first-timers, as well as inspiring homeowners of all stages enjoy the benefits and perks of home ownership!

Moving into a new house is like relocating to a different world, even if you’re just down the street. But it doesn’t have to be. These 10 quick tips can help make your house a home within the first few days.

1. Tackle home security. Even if you’re moving into a safe neighborhood, you’ll sleep better if you take the time to handle home security before your first night. Schedule your alarm hook up and ensure outdoor floodlights, fencing and other security features are operational.

2. Get to know the neighborhood. By closing, you should already have a good idea of the general layout of your subdivision. If not, take a few hours to scout the location of the nearest grocery store, gas station, school, playground and hospital. A walk around the block will also give you the chance to meet the neighbors.

3. Personalize your living space. Nothing says home quite like family photos and treasured belongings. Unpack these items first, along with everything you need to cook a good meal. Dining together is especially important if you have children as time around the dinner table will...

7 Bits & Parts of a House Most New Homeowners Can’t Identify

If only homes were as user-friendly as a smart phone when you’ve got a problem. Need a ride? There’s an app for that. Food? That, too.

Need to stop your toilet from overflowing? Oops, there’s no app for that.

When it comes to your home, you’re your own best app. And if you want be a top-rated app, uh, homeowner, you’ll need to be able to identify these not-so-pretty (gross in some cases) bits and parts of your home.

(Truth: Even seasoned homeowners don’t have a clue about some of these.)

#1 Sewer Cleanout Vent

Sewer cleanout in a home yardImage: Lara Edge for HouseLogic 

OK, this doesn’t look so bad.

Well, gird your loins. This is the thing you need to find and open if your sewage pipe is clogged (often the case if you’ve got toilets and sinks overflowing or refusing to drain).

Use a pipe wrench to get the lid off, but prepare yourself because buildup can cause the sewage to spew out at you.

The sewer cleanout valve is typically outside the house, usually a few feet away from the foundation. It can be either above ground like in the picture above, or in a box below ground.

You’ll need this next item to undo the clog (or a plumber if the...

Team McClintock Gives Back to Saint Benedict Cathedral

Team McClintock gives back with $1,000 donation to St. Benedict's Catholic Church. Thanks Pat Hart for nominating St. Ben's. Pictured with check is Pat Hart, back row l to r, Cindy Howard, Maury Hart, Mindy Guthrie Word, Carol McClintock and David Haire.


The Heat Is On: 5 Sizzling Reasons to Buy a Home During Housing's Hottest Season

The days are getting longer. Ice cream truck jingles echo up and down the block. But the surest sign that summer is here? It just might be those "For Sale" signs popping up like dandelions in your neighborhood.

Yep, we're smack dab in the middle of the most popular time of the year to buy and sell a home. If you're thinking of starting your home search, your first instinct as a savvy shopper might be to stay away and wait for the weather—and the market—to cool down. Why battle the crowds and bidding wars if you're in no rush to move?

But there's no reason to sweat the idea of buying in the summer. In fact, there are some distinct advantages to making your way into the marketplace during housing's hottest season—as long as you can stand the heat of a little competition.

1. Prices aren't necessarily higher

"A huge myth about the real estate market is that homes sell for more in the summer and less in the winter. This is simply not true," says Dippy Chhina of Dippy Real Estate.

Let's be clear: Home prices do usually peak in June–August. And it's a seller's market in most areas. But other forces beyond the summer sun play a major role in a home's asking price, Chhina notes. They include the number of similar homes also...

Staging Kids' Rooms To Sell Your Home

Getting your home ready to sell can be a source of anxiety, and understandably so. The idea of staging and cleaning an entire home and keeping it presentable for showings is daunting. But the hardest room to keep in pristine showing shape is, without a doubt, a child’s room. Your sweet little ones don’t really understand the process or why it’s important (or necessary) to put toys away immediately after use, and you can’t really blame them. Nonetheless, a properly staged child’s room can make or break a sale. 

Here are the best ways to make sure the messiest room in the house is seen in the best light, no matter what time of day it is.

No themes

If your children have a room that’s themed with Frozen, Transformers, or sports team decor, I recommend clearing the slate. A room without lots of distractions will help the new buyers (and their children) see themselves in the space. On top of that, it’s highly unlikely that the next occupant of the space will want exactly the same theme your child has chosen. You may get some kickback from your little ones on this, but focusing on what they want their new room to look like can help ease their irritation.  

Neutral paint and space

It’s not unusual for children’s spaces to be dripping in cheerful, bright-colored paint. Unfortunately these types of colors can be off-putting in photos and create a distraction. A coat of paint in a neutral color will do wonders to ensure prospective buyers can envision the space in a way that suits their lifestyle, not yours. 

Similarly, having a room that’s clearly staged for a...

Ask The Expert - May 4, 2018

Southwestern Indiana's #1 Real Estate Agent Carol McClintock joins Channel 14 News Midday with Mike host, Mike Blake to discuss the current trends in the local real estate market.


New Imagination Playground Exhibit at cMoe

Our kiddos had a great time checking out the new Imagination Playground at the Children's Museum of Evansville! We are so thrilled the new exhibit has arrived and our kiddos were thrilled to test it out last week! Leo and Patrick Matsel with Sawyer and Sutton Cohee were great representatives for Team McClintock. We love giving back to the community and this has been one of our larger donations to date! Learn more about the Imagination Playground below.

cMoe is thrilled to announce Imagination Playground has been delivered, unpacked, and is now open for PLAY! This exciting new addition to cMoe would not have been possible without the generous donation made by Team McClintock.

“Team McClintock is pleased to support the new Imagination Playground at the Koch Children's Museum of Evansville. Our area's children are the future of our community and the opportunities at CMOE help enrich the lives of our families. Many of our clients' and team members' children love the experiences they can only find at CMOE. We hope that our gift will inspire other individuals and businesses to give to the future of our kids.”


Ask The Expert - April 23, 2013

Southwestern Indiana's Top Real Estate Agent Carol McClintock joins Mike Blake on Midday with Mike on WFIE Channel 14. Carol is the Tri-State's Real Estate Expert and frequently appears on the Ask The Expert segment. Watch as Carol provides viewers with some reasons on why their house might not be selling. 


Market Watch - April 2018

Low inventory may be affecting your home's value in a positive way! Give Team McClintock a call at 812-426-9020 to learn more about having a Comparative Market Analysis completed on your home to learn what it may be worth. 


11 Reasons Your Home Isn't Selling

When you first put your house on the market, you might be hopeful for a quick sale—especially if you've put a lot of money into improving the house over the years and if the neighborhood is one that has historically attracted a lot of buyers. While you shouldn't panic if the house doesn't sell the moment you list it, you should begin to worry if the months start flying by without any real offers. If this is the case, here are 11 reasons why your house may not be selling.

  1. You overvalued your property. If your house is overpriced, it's simply not going to sell. Compare your property to similar properties that recently sold within your area to get a better idea of its true value. An experienced real estate agent can give you an accurate value of your home. Additionally, don't make the mistake of tacking on the cost of any renovations you made. You can't just assume that the cost of a renovation translates to added value.
  1. Your listing is poor. If the listing of your home includes a poorly written description without any images, a lot of buyers are going to skip over it. Make sure you and your REALTOR® put an effort into creating a listing that attracts the attention of buyers. Make sure to add high quality photographs of both the interior and exterior of your home. Don't forget to highlight unique features as well.
  1. You're always present at showings. Let your agent handle your showings. Buyers don't want to have the seller lurking over their shoulder during showings, especially during an open house. This puts unwanted pressure on the buyer, which will make them uncomfortable and likely chase them away.

Click here to read more from RISMedia.com...

Team McClintock Gives Back to the Vanderburgh County Humane Society

Team McClintock Gives Back to the Vanderburgh Humane Society. Team members Carol McClintock, David Haire, Keith Schulz, Dina Brown with Director Kendall Paul. Call the Humane Society at 812-426-2563 to volunteer or donate. Check out Cardio for Canines on Saturdays starting at 8am!


Ask the Expert - April 13, 2018

Southwestern Indiana's Top Real Estate Agent Carol McClintock joins Mike Blake on Midday with Mike on WFIE Channel 14. Carol is the Tri-State's Real Estate Expert and frequently appears on the Ask The Expert segment. Watch as Carol provides viewers some tips and tricks for cleaning your home this spring. 


Spring Cleaning Guide: To-Do’s for Every Homeowner

Get a fresh start on the new season by giving your home a much-needed cleaning. From reorganizing to scrubbing surfaces, our guide will walk you through what you need to do to get your home clean this spring.

Ready to tackle your home’s springtime projects? Our handy guide breaks them down: Spring Cleaning & To-Dos (once-a-year tasks perfectly suited for spring), Exterior To-Dos (fix-ups and repairs for the outside of your home), and Room-by-Room Tasks (decluttering and cleaning tips for specific rooms).

Wash Your Windows
Be sure to pick a cloudy day to wash windows. "If it's too sunny, the cleaning solution will dry too fast and you'll have streaks," says Donna Smallin, author of Cleaning Plain & Simple (Storey Publishing). For a window-washing solution, Smallin combines 1/2 cup of sudsy ammonia (which is a specific type of ammonia), 1 pint of rubbing alcohol, 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, and 1 gallon of water.

Clean Sliding Door Tracks
Sliding glass door tracks probably aren't the first spots you'd think to clean, but you'll appreciate having done it before the outdoor entertaining season gets into full swing. Smallin suggests scrubbing the tracks with an old, dry toothbrush to loosen debris, then using your vacuum hose to remove it. Finish with a wet sponge.

Scrub-Down Sometimes Overlooked Surfaces
You may overlook these surfaces on a daily basis, but once a year, give your baseboards, door frames, and walls a good scrub-down. Wash them with a sponge and a squirt of dishwashing liquid mixed in a bucket of warm water.

Deep-Clean Your Home’s Carpets
To maintain a new carpet's warranty, you may need to have it cleaned professionally every 12-18 months, Smallin says. Otherwise, you can do it yourself by renting a deep cleaner or...

Ask The Expert - March 29, 2018

F.C. Tucker Emge REALTOR Carol McClintock with Team McClintock joins Mike Blake on Channel 14's Midday with Mike during their Ask The Expert segment. Carol is the real estate expert in the Tri-State area. Watch as she walks through "The Everything Guide to Buying Your First Home." If you are looking to buy or a sell a home in the Evansville or Newburgh, Indiana area - give Carol and her team a call at 812-426-9020 or visit their website at Team-McClintock.com.


6 Spring-Cleaning Secrets for Allergy Sufferers: Reducing Allergens at Home

Spring-cleaning season and allergy season coincide for many folks—call it a crazy coincidence, but it actually works out. Those spring-cleaning chores you already had on your list will help reduce allergens at home, too.
So if that springtime burst of pollen leaves you sneezing, wheezing, and wiping your nose well into summer, know that you can help ease your suffering. In addition to dosing yourself with weapons-grade antihistamines, there are things you can do around the house to lower your indoor pollen count. Here are six spring-cleaning tips to alleviate allergies, too.
1. Get an air purifier
"One way to reduce allergies indoors is with a HEPA air purifier. These will eliminate 99% of allergens in the air inside your home," says Dr. Christopher Thompson, a surgeon specializing in allergies at the Texan Allergy & Sinus Center.
Already have an air purifier? Remember to change or clean the filters regularly—most lifetime HEPA filters need to be cleaned every three to six months, and the charcoal prefilter needs to be changed every six. During peak pollen times, it doesn't hurt to err on the side of more frequent cleaning. And be sure to clean the filter outside rather than inside your home.
And once you get all that clean air in your house, you want to keep it that way. Keep doors and windows closed and everything else sealed up tight. There will be plenty of time to enjoy the balmy breezes after the trees are done spewing pollen.
2. Dust, vacuum, and mop oft-overlooked places
"Regular cleaning like vacuuming and mopping is a must to get rid of pollen, but don't forget to clean curtains and blinds," says Thompson. "Dust and pollen collect...