David Gibson
David Gibson
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After 20+ years of guiding, inspiring, and helping people and organizations grow and become
better as a management consultant and professor, David pivoted to a career in real estate. The
experience of his previous professional life brings with it an ability to convey difficult
information in an understandable way while also treating each and every person with respect
and dignity. Real estate is ripe with uncertainty and complexity. With David, the client gets a
consummate professional who is able to help navigate whatever comes next.
People are the bottom line, and real estate is a people business first and foremost. David is NOT
a salesman. He is a professional who helps and guides people through the process of buying
and selling their homes. His blend of genuineness, desire to help, and professionalism make for
a positive and REAL client/realtor relationship.

David’s Commitment to the Seller
David will cultivate a relationship where the seller knows that their best interest is at the
forefront of David’s thoughts. He will guide the seller through the process of selling their home
and do everything in his power to make the experience as seamless and worry-free as possible.
Whether it is taking the seller through a comparative market analysis, providing feedback from
potential buyers, or just plain marketing their home, they can rest assured that their home will
be presented to the world in first class fashion.

David’s Commitment to the Buyer
The buyer could be someone who has lived in the area for years or someone brand new to the
area. Whatever the case, David will offer a warm welcome to buyers as they search for a new
home. The search for a house is a huge investment, and David does not take that lightly.
Whether it is showing homes, negotiating the deal, or taking the buyer through the closing
process, David will be there.

David was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and has lived in Wisconsin, Florida, and
Tennessee. He has been following his wife, Amy, across the country as she achieved her dream
of becoming a physician. He did it again when Amy chose Evansville to practice as a
Hematologist and Oncologist with the Chancellor Center at Deaconess. David and Amy have
grown to love Evansville and Newburgh where they reside. It is simply one of the best places in
the world to raise a family, and that is exactly what they are doing as they watch their two boys,
Augustus and Jacob, grow up.

If you want an agent that will look out for you, help you navigate the journey of buying or
selling a home, and who blends professionalism, integrity, and maybe even a touch of fun in the
process, you need to call David at 812-777-5025 or email him at